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  • Dr. Wayne Nowland

    "Hi, my name is Dr Wayne Nowland and I am a distributor for Global Resorts Network, from the sunny east coast of New South Wales, "Australia".

    You know, Global Resorts Network is without a doubt the most stunning, lucrative, lifestyle product on the Internet. It is a marketer's dream, comprising: -- a high-demand premium lifestyle product that virtually sells itself, and -- it comes with the easiest, most-advanced, fully automated marketing system available anywhere on the Internet. The system is embedded directly into THIS website and is simple, 100% standalone, and so easy to use, "anyone can make money with it".

    And to keep pace with the affiliate commissions you receive, you will need to strap on your rocket boosters because they are simply out of this world. The GRN System also comes with instant access to premium lead sources that you can plug directly into to generate sales and cashflow on demand. Who could ask for anything simpler and more effective than this?".

    Al Farnam

    "I enjoy using the GRN System because I can tell exactly what my prospects are viewing and clicking on. Also I can see what my marketing is doing and where to spend advertising dollars.

    I also use the groups settings to keep the interested prospects in one group and follow ups in another. I know I could not run this business without the GRN System to keep me on track and up to date."

    Christine McIvor

    "I joined Global Resorts Network in May. Within 2 months I had affiliates in Canada, Australia, and the United States.

    I have never experienced a Company with such a great product and system behind it to help reach 1000's over the Internet. Direct users to your website and let the autoresponders do the selling for you!

    Alex Brooklyn

    "The GRN Marketing System is such an incredible tool and resource to not only grow my business and give me confidence, but to also allow me the time to focus on lead generation. The system takes over from there!

    It is very exciting to track prospects as they view the emails from the systems auto-resonder as well as have the ability to initiate a live chat with them as they are reviewing this awesome ground floor marketing opportunity!"

    Mike Lewis
    Former President
    Multi-Level Marketing Association

    "As a successful Distributor, Company Owner, International Consultant to Network Marketing Companies and Corporate Executive, I have seen and participated in every aspect of training for our Industry.

    In my 17 years as a professional in this industry, one fundamental truth remains .... it has been almost impossible to develop or use any training program that produces consistent and long term results ... Not because of the lack of quality or content in the training, but because of a lack of an effective way to deliver it so distributors can learn, retain and ACT upon what they have learned.

    The Virtual Office program offered by Priceless Possibilities is a blend of pure genius and technology that I believe will revolutionize the way the industry functions."

    Eugene Argent, CA
    "I'm absolutely delighted by what you've done because I am interested in people being successful. To me, the keys to being successful are work hard, staying focused, and developing technique. The development of technique is something we've overlooked and, until now, haven't had the technology to really help people in this area. What's so exciting about the Virtual Office is that we now have the ability to easily share ideas and concepts.

    A leader may have developed or perfected a technique but didn't have the ability to share this knowledge with other members of their organization, that is, until now. What I'm seeing from your Virtual Office is that we can actually archive new concepts and technologies, new techniques and thought processes that we can share with other people in our organization. That is absolutely profound."

    Phil Hilliard
    "My background is in information technologies. One of the huge advances was being able to have what we call a centralized database, so you are not duplicating information and effort over and over again. The Virtual Office allows you to make changes and modifications in one place that everyone can take advantage of and this is a huge time saver.

    You really are not aware of all of the resources that are available, and often times only through national events and the networking that goes there, do you realize that things even exist. So, having this centralized repository of information is huge."

    Justin Clark, MD

    "Boy, looking at that Virtual Office, it has so many different features that can really bring your team training, and your ability to communicate with your entire team, up to the 21st century.

    I feel like I'm getting to a point where I'm going to put down my flint rock and stone axe and actually get into what's capable with the Internet. This Virtual Office is an incredible meeting ground for your whole group.

    You've got instant communications, instant audio, and instant training there for your whole team to see at the push of a button. It's just absolutely amazing."

    Q. Why should I use your service?
    A. Our website does most of the telling and selling for you. It sorts prospects (with our survey form) so you only spend time with serious people thereby increasing your success. It automatically follows up with serious prospects saving you time and impressing them. It provides tremendous training and marketing tools to help you be successful ... and much more!
    Q. Is there any start up cost?
    A. None at all ... its even FREE for the first 7 days.
    Q. How can I get my website FREE each month?
    A. Just refer 3 other distributors in your company who become a paying member of our service. Every month you have at least 3 your service is FREE that month. It can even be the same 3 people each month thereby making your service FREE month after month etc.
    Q. Is there any contract?
    A. None at all ... you can discontinue at any time.
    Q. How many emails can I send a month?
    A. You can send 30,000 emails with your monthly subscription ... you can always send more if you'd like at a small additional charge.
    Q. Are there any tracking capabilities?
    A. Yes, you can tell what percentage of people opened your emails and even who and when specifically. As well, if there is a link in the email, then we can even tell who clicked on a link to go to your website. This can help you determine the difference between how many are opening your emails, how many are clicking to go to your website and how many are completing the survey after watching the movie!
    There is also Ad Tracking that lets you know specifically how many visitors and how many prospects completed a survey for a specific ad. You can easily create an unlimited number of ads at no extra charge!
    Q. Do you have a Contact Manager and what can it do for me?
    A. Yes we have a Contact Manager (CM) that allows you to store prospects, record notes, set reminders (alarms), rate your contacts so you can easily find the best ones and much more!
    Q. Where can I get leads?
    A. You can purchase leads through the back office of our website (we are not a lead provider but give you access to lead companies). These Lead Vendors are "Approved Vendors" meaning they don't purchase or sell leads they sell you to any other lead vendor. This is important as it will help protect you from spam complaints.
    Q. Do you have any other marketing tools?
    A. Yes, we have many marketing tools such as Audio Postcards, Video Postcards, Search Engine Marketing, Banners, EZines, Newspapers, Signature Files and more! We even provide Targeted Marketing resources for different groups such as Parents, people who want to retire, sales people, network marketers, and much more.
    Q. What is the monthly membership to have my own website?
    A. Just $29.95 per month and you can easily get it FREE forever!
    • FREE website for 7 days, so you have nothing to lose by trying it.

    • Can easily be FREE each month by simply referring 3 paying members. Click here to see how this works.

    • Provides training from several of the Top Income Earners, so you can learn how to make more  money!

    • Access our growing library of Audio & Video Postcards to send prospects as an email. Experts predict a 3 to 5 times higher open rate on your emails with Audio & Video Postcards! (Click Here to see examples).

    • Prospects can view a Lead Capture (LC) page before seeing the rest of your site, or you can allow them to go directly to your site (your choice).

    • Many Lead Capture (LC) pages to choose from if you want to require a prospect to complete a survey on your website before they see the rest of your website (Click Here to see examples).

    • Survey form captures prospect info, so you focus only on serious prospects.

    • You are immediately notified when a prospect completes the survey by email and/or cell phone, so you can follow up with them personally if you'd like.

    • Automated emails sent immediately to prospects for you, because the fortune is in follow up (includes many HOT comparisons, professionally written letters, & clickable testimonials).

    • Send up to 30,000 emails per month with our Auto Responder Campaigns, that have beautiful graphics (including your picture), to impress prospects. Click Here to see how this works.

    • 60 full days of automated follow up e-mails with beautiful resort images and price comparisons to impress prospects.

    • A continually growing library of beautiful resort comparison follow-up e-mails.

    • Optional Virtual Hosts.

    • Add your picture and bio to your website, as people like to do business with people they know, like, and trust.

    • Contact Manager to manage contacts (rate prospects, create notes, set alarms, put in groups for targeted marketing, and much more)! Click Here to see an example.

    • Ad Tracking to track your marketing efforts, and give you specific numbers for visitors to your website and prospects who complete the survey (for EACH AD)! Click Here to see how this works.

    • Track emails sent to prospects, so you know when they opened your emails, and when they clicked on a link to go to your website.

    • Live Chat feature lets you know when someone is on your website in real time, and initiate a chat with them ... which amazes them! Click Here to see how this works.

    • Professionally designed Banners to attract a large amount of prospects to your website. Click Here to see how this works.

    • Much more!
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